Factoring Small Business

Factoring Small Business

Factoring Small Business

It is the most nerve racking situation. Ascertaining finance for your business, or factoring Small Business, is a scary proposition to most. Handing over your invoices to a lender in order to access cash flow.

What business owner wouldn’t be petrified of this ordeal. To be honest it a very common occurrence these days in business. In fact its still the largest growing finance product in the world. So why would small business have such a need for this product.

Using up your Capital to fast?

Business owners using up most of their capital too fast is common . Sales and operation costs soon pile up. Business growth takes hold of cash flow. Hence before the owner realizes their funds are drying up. Fuel, wages, stock, is all needing cash to maintain. Often debtors who owe you money take up to 30 days to be paid.

This is where your clients become your lending clients. The longer they take to pay, the more strain is placed upon your business. Most noteworthy is if a debtor takes longer than 60 days to pay, your profits are all but eaten up.

Factoring can help you take hold of your Businesses destiny.

Of course lenders charge a fee. This fee depends on a range of equations. Time it takes for your debtors to pay? How many debtors do you have? How big are the invoices? There are many questions that will effect the final fee.

Other things to consider is lenders contact debtors to verify invoices are complete. Also follow up on payments of your invoices. This is normal, however, if you don’t advise your clients that this is happening it can incur problems.

Let Trade Debtor Finance Consultants help you decide.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants a family owned business was created to help business owners understand all facets of Factoring. Consultants speak of the good and the bad about a product which helps owners understand it better. this also helps see if the businesses goal can be achieved by using this product.

In conclusion we offer an obligation fee quote in writing with up to four of the best options that suit your business needs. This is at no direct cots to your firm. One call and find it all out. For more information please go to our website www.tradedebtorfinance.com.au  Contact can be made through our email accounts@tdfc.com.au contact our office 0460 448 955.


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