Don’t get a Raw Deal with Factoring

Factoring is shown by businessman concept

Don’t get a Raw Deal with Factoring

Don’t get a Raw Deal with Factoring

Don’t stress about factoring.

Do you need to factor everything?
How much does it cost?
Do products lock you into a contract?
What are the hidden fees?
Will my debtors know about this product or not?

These are the most common questions Business owners ask Factoring Companies and with good reason.

They want to know the truth; they want to know everything about these products in order to make the correct decision.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants was created to supply business owners sound advice about factoring products in 2007. Over the last 10 years our family owned business we have placed over 300 deals. Being the first company to offers such a service, it felt like a great achievement.

Why Choose Trade Debtor Finance Consultants?

TDFC offers all the right answers about Factoring Companies, Debtor Finance, and Invoice Discounting. As a result we do so in writing. Therefore we also offer a free support for the life of the loan at no direct cost to your firm. We seek the best price and best product to meet your business needs. Let our consultants show you how to Cash flow Finance your business today.

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