Cash Flow Problems, Explore Factoring

Cash flow problems, strategy mind map

Cash Flow Problems, Explore Factoring

Cash Flow Problems, Explore Factoring

Small Business often wonders how to improve Cash Flow. The simple scenario, its all started with owners having a great idea. Therefore owners  put up some funds and start their new business.

Often their business goes great for the first few months. As they grow, businesses ensure heaps of sales out the door. As a result end up waiting for clients to pay, strangles their only cash flow.

Suddenly they approach the banks for some finance. You’re too young in business. You don’t have two years financials, no BAS record, your sales are too unpredictable.

Or we will give you a credit card, or a small overdraft. If you have property, they will secure this in order to give you more money. You’re left wondering what to do next.

There is a way to achieve finance without security.

Debtor Finance or Factoring. These lenders are only interested in one thing, YOUR DEBTORS (Account Receivables). They will lend in most cases up to 80% of those invoices upfront, instead of waiting for you to get paid. Giving you the balance when the debtor pays for the invoice.

With over 28 Lenders in the country it’s not hard to find a lender that will suit your needs. That is if you’re with Trade Debtor Finance Consultants.

This is Why you call TDFC.

You could spend hours on the phone, and still not get the right lender. With one call to our office, we will give you a range of options. In this obligation free written quote. You will receive up to four of the most suited lenders to your business to choose from.

Our consultants will explain to the lenders your scenario and it means lenders can focus on price and products. Best of all it’s at no upfront cost to your business. Even when you have your facility, TDFC will also offer support to your firm for the life of the loan. Again at no cost to you.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants have settled over 300 deals in our operation of  10 years. This has been from a wide range of industries and scenarios. But don’t take our word for it, ask us for our many referrals.

Don’t wait a minute longer, call us today and let us help try and fix your Cash Flow with Invoice Discounting and start moving forward in business. or 07 5547 8731 or