Partnering Debtor Finance with the Construction Sector

Partnering Debtor Finance with the Construction Sector

The most experienced people in the construction industry will tell you that success is based on managing your money in order to provide quality work at high speeds. Even thriving construction businesses can hit rough financial patches when invoices aren’t paid on time. Knowing how to manage those problems is crucial, and having the right assistance will help your business grow.

Debtor Finance in Construction

How Debt Affects Construction Businesses

Debt is inevitable in the construction industry when:

  • capital is needed to grow a business and take on larger contracts
  • additional cash flow is used to cover acquisitions of equipment and meet the needs of your expanding business
  • operational expenses, expected or not, need to be covered

You may also run into debt issues down the track as a result of:

  • existing loans placing a strain on your cash flow
  • debts draining your business of free capital in times of high turnover
  • unconsolidated debt repayments adding up
  • customers paying their invoices at inconvenient times

Sound familiar? The loans you initially needed have become major problems. In these scenarios, efficient debt management is the key to success.  These are the classic symptoms of a business in need of debt finance and practical, professional advice on controlling the effects of debt.


Win/Win Options for Construction Businesses

Debtor finance, as the name suggests, is a way of discretely financing debtors (customers who owe you money). It’s also a very good way of organising your debt and getting a better interest deal on your outstanding loans.

Debtor finance services have access to a large variety of lenders who can support your construction work and organise your debts into a much easier to manage package. You can also get better rates through your new lender.


How It Works

Your new finance deal is structured to manage your existing loans on a cost-viable basis. Your outlays will be more efficient and your net costs will reduce. You have the option of accessing a percentage of our outstanding invoices within 24 hours to inject immediate funds into your business. Once your customer pays their invoice, you have access to the remaining balance.

Your debtor finance planners are ultra-useful, major assets in this process. You’ll get no-nonsense solutions and valuable guidance. Your financial consultants will deal with your situation, helping to untangle debt issues and resolve problems.

This process will show you how debt management can be a major plus for your future needs. When large construction companies manage debt, they bring in the experts to evaluate every finance option and choose the best loans with the best rates. Your debtor finance experts are a free-to-use service that is available for the life of your business – use them once a week, once a month or once a year.

This win/win scenario means:

  • your debts are under cost-effective control at all times
  • you have experts to help you grow your business into the future
  • you can hire more help, maintain machinery and upgrade equipment


Need Expert Financial Help with Your Business Loans?

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