Why Is Lending Really Difficult And Factoring Isn’t?

Why Is Lending Really Difficult And Factoring Isn’t?

Business owners have been asking this question a lot lately. Banks showing record profits in a Global Financial Crisis has caused some anger amongst the business community. The reason for this is simple.

Banks are securing up good debt. If you’re a client, who has a few issues then they are not interested, plain and simple. Banks are undervaluing properties to inflate security, profits and shares.

So the traditional lending has become much harder to obtain. So why not look at Invoice Discounting. Larger businesses can cash finance their business, and grow without personal security being used.

Why Is Lending Really Difficult And Factoring Isn’t?

Banks like this product, as they take control of your trading accounts, which they start moving into your personal accounts as well. In the end, they take control over everything. That’s when it all starts to go wrong, the moment something bad happens.

Non Bank products have more flexibility.

So move, to non bank products. Pay a little more, but get control back. These non bank lenders are not interested in your other products. All they care about is your invoices. By getting control of your trading accounts again, you can again make a range of decisions. In most circumstances, these companies have some flexibility to their factoring product. This is so important in business, as we all know, things change.

Debtor Finance is a product that grows with your firm. Depending on the type of product chosen, will depend on the level of involvement the factoring firm has in your business. As stated, Invoice Discounting is offered by the banks, as its Confidential and they like no involvement in your business. However, they request monthly reconciliations, lengthy paperwork, and audits to maintain this facility, as well as seeing your trading account daily, in which if something goes wrong, they can hold.

Frustration in Finance Matters

In the end the decision to pay cheaper prices and go to a bank is up to you. All Trade Debtor Finance Consultants can do, is offer you a range of different lenders so you can make an informative decision. Our quote comes to you at no direct cost to your firm. It will receive very experienced guidance, and will support you for the life of the loan chosen. In Conclusion for more information go to www.tradedebtorfinance.com.au or email sales@tdfc.com.au — 1300 00 8332