Most Accountants support Factoring when used correctly


Most Accountants support Factoring when used correctly.

Most Accountants support Factoring when used correctly.

Debtor Finance, Factoring, Invoice Discounting has often been misinterpreted and misused. These finance products were never designed to send a business owner broke.  However, often misused, as they have been in the last 20 years. Often the costs of these products has been taken off the profit line, eating away at any chance of the business succeeding. Clients have also been locked in for 12-24 months with the wrong product. Times have changed. Our consultants take time to ensure the client and their accountant know exactly how it all works.

It’s taken time, for Accountants to realise what Trade Debtor Finance Consultants offer is genuine. This has been achieved by successful placement without incidents. Not only do we explain Factoring and all its benefits. But we explain products, lenders, contracts and even fit the client to the correct options. Our recommendations to a client is up to four Factoring options. Trade Debtor Finance Consultants can find facilities for clients invoicing $20k a month, all the way up to $5 million a month.

Most Accountants support Factoring when used correctly.


Why would Accountants use TDFC.

Firstly, Its very simple. Accountants and their clients will be offered  a range of lenders that suit each situation. TDFC will take the uncertain out of the equation by education. Therefore if the accountant and client are not happy with what has been chosen or demonstrated. They don’t have to proceed with the inquiry. Most noteworthy with dealing with TDFC, there are not cost involved. No contracts or locked in products.

Hence TDFC offer all our recommendations in writing. We involve your Accountant fully and we liaise with the Book keeper insuring they understand the process. Basically Trade Debtor Finance Consultants takes the guess work out of Factoring, making Debtor Finance a simple decision.

TDFC suggest asking your Accountant about these products?

Most Accountants support Factoring when used correctly. Ask your Accountant today about these Cash flow products and inquire about their benefits. If these facilities may help, then get him or her to speak to us if they are not already. In conclusion see if we can find a solution for you today at no cost to your firm. Consultants will offer up to four of the best options for your business. This is given in an written quote with reasons for those options. After our quote is issued, Lenders will contact clients and discuss the products that suit their needs.

In conclusion don’t Guess make one call. 07 5547 8731 or