Increase cash flow Factoring

Factoring Services and Debtor Finance Experts.

“Trade Debtor Finance Consultants” has a mission to make businesses aware of how they can increase cash flow. TDFC can explain what products are available. Consultants determine this from over 28 different lenders that would specifically suit your business needs. Two specific products from these lenders include factoring services and debtor finance services.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants (or TDFC) are here to take out the hard work of calling every lender directly. We give you the best options that will tick all the right boxes you require from a banking facility.

Due to TDFC Consultants being specialists in debtor finance and factoring facilities they can answer any questions you have. They pride themselves on being honest with you. As a result providing you with full support during the life of the loan at no direct cost to you.

Increase cash flow Factoring

The way this works, clients offer all their unpaid invoices to the factoring company. This is usually a lending institution. Once invoices are verified, the lender will fund up to 80% of those invoices in cash. This then gives businesses the necessary cash flow they need.

Once debtors pay the financier, they in turn pay the last 20% less fees. (depending on the facility, within 24 hours or at end of month after collections). Full factoring is a versatile product with some great advantages to small business.

Factoring Experts can find a facility designed for you.

TDFC can work with businesses from different industry types including retail, transport, export/import, manufacturing and new business owners. Different facilities suit different businesses. Transport businesses may need a full service facility as they only have up to 5 staff in the business. Full service facilities in Factoring, assist in the verifications, collections and sending of statements insuring their client will get paid. Other facilities, don’t assist in collections at all and leave that to larger businesses to handle, keeping admin costs down. TDFC will explain to clients the different facilities in full and give businesses a written quote outlining the best facilities that would suit the business.

For example, in the retail industry, the sector is extremely competitive and whether you are a small business or a large company there is always another business competing to achieve common goals and objectives. A news release on the Australia Bureau of Statistics showed that in 2010-11 the amount of entries and exits into the retail sector were equal with 20,919 entries and 20,921 exits. Competing to remain in the retail industry can be expensive and some businesses fail to plan for tough times, and mostly that is when they fail.

Debtor finance, invoice discounting and factoring can sound like something that you think may not be of any use to you and your business but once you talk to TDFC you can see there are some real advantages. In time you will set your business apart and keep your business operating the way you want to without the stress.

One critical fact about TDFC is that there is no direct cost to clients, their advice and quotes are FREE. So, if you are thinking about this option for your business you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by just making one phone call.

For more information on how TDFC can help please head over to or call them on 1300 008 332.

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