Why Invoice Factoring?

make money with Factoring

Make more profits with Factoring

Why Invoice Factoring?

Increase Cash flow.

Firstly business owners have debtors that take time to pay their invoices. Often its 30 days or more. Factoring gives the opportunity to access to fund those unpaid invoices within 24 hours. Simple example 10 000,00 worth of invoices to be paid in 30 days. Once Factored, up to 8000.00 in your account within 24 hours to use wisely. Balance of invoices paid once debtor pays their accounts.

Growth Purchasing.

Now you have cash in the accounts. Take advantage by securing more stock at discounted rates. If you import, get those containers on order. More stock gives you the opportunity for discount sales and growing your client base.

Grow Sales with Marketing.

Having more stock and funds means you can increase marketing. Focusing on marketing will increase sales. More sales means more invoicing. Offering more invoices for factoring will give your business more access to cash flow.

Expand Staff, Improve Equipment.

Cash flow is now working. Sales are up. Stock is on hand. It maybe time to expand your staff. Having more staff gives more opportunities to grow your business and make the next step. Also owners can take opportunities to purchase upgrade equipment.

Contact Trade Debtor Finance Consultants.

In conclusion if all has gone well, your business is humming. Increased cash flow, sales, staff, and your business is making money. Now this all just doesn’t happen by chance. Finding the right factoring product is not easy.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants offers an obligation free quote in writing with up to 4 factoring options. TDFC has up to 28 lenders with 9 products to choose from. Our family owned business also offers complete support to our client for the life of the loan chosen at no cost.

07 5547 8731 to contact us. Sales@tdfc.com.au or www.tradedebtorfinance.com.au