Invoice Discounting And Factoring

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Invoice Discounting And Factoring

Invoice Discounting the best of all factoring products.

First of all in recent months, Trade Debtor Finance Consultants has received many calls about these products. Because most cases are often confused by the two. Invoice Discounting is a very clean often confidential product.

Hence what they don’t tell you is not every business is suited or even qualifies for this product. As a result in order to get an Invoice Discounting facility you will need to have the following. An estimated turnover of 2 million or above. Smooth accounts receivable department. Well balanced spread of debtors with no exposure issues. Benefits of achieving an invoice discounting facility are as follows. Complete confidentiality. Consequently you can fund up to 90% funding on invoices. Therefore pricing are nearly at bank overdraft pricing.

Factoring products is more flexible.

Hence Factoring is a more robust facility, suited to most businesses and often helps small business achieve better results. Because of its flexibility Factoring is more expensive. Debtor Finance lenders have more control over debtors and collections. Owners can rely on collections strengthening up their back end. These factoring products can be for any turnover.

Benefits of calling Trade Debtor Finance Consultants

Since you’re in the market for Invoice Financing, then give Trade Debtor Finance Consultants a call.

Our firm offers the following:

1. Takes the time to listen to what your business is about, find out your needs.
2. Explains the facilities, their costing, and the working of the facilities.
3. Discusses the different options.
4. Offers its advice in writing at no direct cost to your firm.
5. Supports your business through the Factoring lender of choice for the life of the loan, again at no direct cost.

Hence Trade Debtor Finance Consultants offers the best Factoring Consultancy service in the industry. All it takes is one simple call.

Furthermore get some advice to suit your business.

In conclusion find out today about Factoring, Invoice Discounting and Debtor Finance by calling 07 5547 8731 or email