Does your business need cash flow injection?

Fund unpaid invoices and receive a cash flow injection.

Funding for unpaid invoices.

Most business owners need a cash flow injection to help secure more business growth. How do we get such finance, is the best question. If you have debtors that have accounts which are 14 days or more, then you can ascertain finance. Instead of waiting to the debtor pays his account, lenders will finance a part of the invoice allowing you access to funds within 48 hours.

Accountants and planners utilize all sorts of funding, secured by the owners. this is often the cheapest form of finance, but also the most secured. This is also very stressful as one lender has complete control of your business.

Cash flow by a third party.

Debtor Finance or Factoring is provided by third party lenders. These lenders only care about the finance product they offer. Why guess? Our family owned business offer an obligation free quote to any business, big or small. Best think if you don’t like what we offer, it doesn’t cost your business a thing. Call us today to find out more.

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