New Business Start-up.. Need Cashflow Finance?

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New Business Start-up.. Need Cash flow Finance?

New Business Start-up.. Need Cash flow Finance?

If your a new business start up, the most important thing to maintain is Cash flow. Most businesses try and get COD to 7 day payments to avoid problems. In today’s environment most companies are averaging 35- 55 days in payment terms. Some business owners endure much longer periods of waiting for payment.

Have you heard of these facilities Invoice Discounting, Debtor Finance, Factoring, Invoice Funding, or Cash flow Finance. These facilities can ensure your new business has the funds you need. Instead of waiting 20,30, or 60 days to be paid, get funding by lenders in 48 hours off your unpaid invoices. Imagine having access to a percentage of cash available off those unpaid invoices.

Please understand they don’t fund it all and collect it for you. Its a loan against your invoices. Obviously these facilities come at a cost. It is dictated by the amount of work involved, collection time etc.

In order to offset those costs. Owners build in their cost to your up fronts and save on early discounts by paying cash again. Even being able to pay wages week to week, putting on more sales staff increases work and profits.

This is why you use Trade Debtor Finance Consultants to explain Cash flow Finance.

TDFC consultants have over 28 accredited lenders with over 9 different products to help your business grow to the next level. TDFC doesn’t stop there. Therefore as you grow we monitor and make sure your facility matches your companies needs. TDFC aims to get you back to a bank quality deal and beyond. How we do this is simple. Our consultants construct and obligation free quote in writing from the information you provide. Contacting lenders with scenarios and ascertaining which lenders will be suited to your business. Once complied in our written quote, TDFC will offer up four of the best options. These lenders will contact you for an appointment. Not have to explain yourself over and over. Cash flow Finance Lenders will focus on pricing and facilities.

Once you have a facility in place, by choosing TDFC you have their support for the life of the facility with that lender. We offer service. Don’t take our word for it. Ask for referrals and judge this for yourself.

Please visit our website and make an inquiry today. or

TDFC your first choice in a funding facility. 07 5547 8731


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