Improve Cash Flow With A Line Of Credit On Business Invoices

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Improve Cash Flow With A Line Of Credit On Business Invoices

Factoring used as a line of Credit funding invoices ahead of payment.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants (TDFC) have noticed a large increase in lenders providing a line of credit. As a result funding invoices that are not due of payment for 30 days or more.

Standard factoring offers up to 80% funding on invoices with the balance being paid when they get paid less any fees or charges. Line of credit facilities offer less of percentage, but a revolving line of credit on invoices each month. This is less messy and easier to accommodate. However, it is often more expensive as it’s more risky to the lenders.

If you have debtors that don’t like being contacted this is perfect. Therefore if you have a turnover of less than 1.5 million per year, then it’s worth taking a look at.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants has an ever increasing number of lenders who offer this product. As stating when offering advice’s around these factoring facilities, TDFC would offer a combination of  factoring lenders so you the client get a choice to choose from. This is part of our no upfront, obligation free quoting in writing.

So if your business needs some added cash flow, may not be asset rich as the banks like, we at TDFC will offer you some great lenders and try and get the best price and facility to suit your business needs.


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