Lost? Use Factoring, Invoice Financing To Get Back On Track

Are you currently at a loss and can’t seem to find a way forward over the next growth hurdle of your business?  Factoring or Invoice Financing may be an way to get back on track.

Business owners, make so many decisions every day. Which road to take. Often this is restricted by the amount of cash flow, or how much is outstanding in their receivables. When you don’t have cash flow your road comes to a big halt.

No Cash flow, this is what happens. Your business grinds to a halt.

Business owners, can only grow their business by two ways when it comes to money. 1. Borrow it themselves against assets, or loan it from lenders who will secure against your personal assets. So let’s borrow against your assets your invoices, (Invoice Finance).

The average debt turnaround in Australia is 55 days. So for nearly two months, business owners are providing credit to their clients. While this is happening, your bills are climbing, your interest on your loans is adding up, and your on going costs are mounting, (Wages, commissions, fuel etc.). Not to mention you’re at a stand still, not growing and or struggling to purchase stock.

Get some cash flow moving again. Start with Invoice Finance or Factoring. These lenders finance invoices, not debt collection. They are here to fund up to 80% of your invoices now, giving you the balance, once your client pays their account. Stop providing your clients with a bank account, start using your money to grow your business.

Whether it its a long term strategy or a quick fix, financing invoices will get your road clear and moving forward.

With Factoring, the cash flow clears the road for growth.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants supports 28 lenders and with that knowledge can guide you in the right direction. Don’t guess with Debtor Finance, one call and we will explain everything. Best of all its a no direct cost to your firm, and we offer our advice in writing. Please contact us via email: sales@tdfc.com.au  or 1300 00 8332.