How businesses deal with unpaid invoices?

Funding unpaid invoices.

How can I ascertain funding on my unpaid invoices. It’s a common question and most business owners don’t even know there is a solution. Owners will spend long periods struggling to remain competitive and find themselves only hoping for the potential of their business will one day shine through.

Well, for starters we can help you with your unpaid invoices. Our consultations are free to you and your business. Your business doesn’t have to be a particular size before we can talk. This is all good news to you because having unpaid invoices can really affect your businesses performance but now you don’t have to financially struggle forever. Our service provides you with a great cash flow solution.

How businesses deal with unpaid invoices?

How TDFC helps your business through-

  • Debtor Finance
  • Factoring
  • Invoice Discounting

Look for the signs that you need this –

  • Waiting 30, 45, 60 or even 90 days to be paid by your debtors?
  • Does 1 debtor or as many as 100+days to pay?
  • Are you dreaming of having more assets for your business but instead just trying to get by each month?
  • Are you turning down business because your business isn’t developed enough to take on more clients?
  • Do you wonder where your business could be if you just had a little more money in the business?

If any of those signs are exactly what your business is going through then ask-

  • What can I do now to solve my cash flow problems?

That is where Trade Debtor Finance Consultants will help and we will answer all your questions. Giving a consultant a call today can help you find the right lender for your business needs.

Compare products and prices today with a specialist in an obligation free written quote. 1300 00 8332 is the number to call. Or you can email your inquiry


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