Factoring Invoices Poem

Factoring Invoices Poem

Factoring Invoices Poem

I work hard all through the day, Then my customers always say.

I’ll pay you when I can…That’s seems a long time… OH MAN.

I wait days and days and days, And I still haven’t been paid, And now bills have been delayed.

Oh what a mess, now I’m having plenty of stress.

I just want to get my business through, And get back to what I usually do.

I’m trying to keep afloat, But I’m becoming a fast sinking boat.

I couldn’t find a way, To make these bills all go away.

Just knew it’s time to start being smart, And talk to someone who understood my part.

I came across TDFC, That offered  explanations and great service for me.

They detailed how they could help,  And get my business some needed wealth.

They gave me loads of advice, That made my situation seems more al-right.

Now the stress has gone away, And it’s much easier to say, That TDFC saved my day.

Next step use cash-flow and double in size, Giving me more profits, this is my ultimate prize!

written by Trade Debtor Finance Consultants.


So come and find out now, Don’t be left wondering how.

Just give TDFC a call, And they won’t treat your problem small.

www.tradedebtorfinance.com.au or sales@tdfc.com.au

1300 00 8332

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