Businesses are saving more having flexibility with Factoring

Businesses are saving more having flexibility with Factoring

You could be growing your business through increased cash flow and creating business flexibility with Factoring

In once call  business owners can ring TDFC consultants and discuss Factoring in great deal. Our family owned business takes time to listen to your needs. At no time do we force you to take out a facility.

With debtor finance or one of our other facilities you can turn those unpaid invoices into cash. Also your business will have more to put towards resources, marketing and development.

The main problem to lack of growth in business is poor cash flow and low customer satisfaction

Grow your business by

  1. Having a healthy cash flow to generate extra sales and growth
  2. Investing more in marketing and creating awareness of your business
  3. Spend more time planning your business strategy

Have greater customer satisfaction by Factoring

  1. Calling your customers to see how you could add value rather than chasing payments
  2. Hiring more new qualified experienced people or train existing staff
  3. Providing more similar services/products that make it efficient for customers to get everything in one place

TDFC has partnered with other local businesses also working to see growth and success. We are passionate about giving businesses the best chance at achieving goals and reaching their full potential. We do this through our support, advice and service to you. Call a consultant today and be another business that finds success.

Need to know more:

It is easy. Contact our office and have at the ready your business details and needs. Consultants will explore up to 26 lenders and products that will suit your needs. In completion TDFC will offer and obligation free written quote with up to four of the best options for your business. Lenders will contact your office and your firm will be ready to prepared to ask a range of questions. Should you want to go direct to a lender, here is a list of questions you can ask. please refer to our site.

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