Business needs Cash flow. Factoring could be the Answer.

unlock your potential with factoring

Business needs Cash flow. Factoring could be the Answer.

Have you always wondered how you can get your business cash flow to increase? In order to get more sales you spend more. Your expense account grows but your cash flow doesn’t.  So why not investigate Factoring to increase cash flow?

Financing unpaid invoices with Factoring, gives owners ways you can increase your cash inventory and pay bills on time!

Factoring can do more for your business than just give you money now when you need it. Factoring Lenders conduct credit searches on your clients. Debtor Finance lenders have collection systems to high light problem payers. Invoices are verified, payment dates confirmed.

Use Debtor Finance to Improve Cash flow


There are so many benefits using Debtor Finance  and with it you will see your business grow to its fullest potential without the hassle of overdue expenses.

Businesses that have used Invoice Discounting have seen these benefits. It has had a great affect on helping businesses cash flow through the times of  financial struggle. Businesses have managed to stay alive even with growing expenses.

TDFC offers FREE written obligation advice that is honest and straight to the point. Save yourself time and money! Stop guessing what Lender to use!

TDFC explains your factoring options in an understandable way! How t0 set-up lenders chosen, what facility fits you and your needs and how your business can use these products to grow.

Get your business Going forward

Start growing to the next level. TDFC has lots of references to prove what we say works.

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