Funding options for new business – factoring.


Funding options for new business – factoring.

Funding options for new business – factoring.

Small businesses start with an idea. These ideas take time, planning and often lots of money outlaid. In most cases with in the first year cash flow is often consumed with increase in sales and equipment.

Reasons to look at Factoring.

There is no need for 2 years of financials. All you need to qualify is unpaid invoices to commercial debtors. Property security in most cases is not required. Invoices once verified can be advanced on within 24 hours. Cash flow is constant with your invoices.

How do I find a Factoring Facility.

Simply contact Trade Debtor Finance Consultants and receive a complete rundown about facilities and lenders. This one call will change your decision making process. TDFC consultants have settled over 300 businesses in our 10 year operation. This experience can be pasted to owners from different industries.

Obligation Free Quote in writing with up to four options.

In conclusion our consultants ask all clients to fill out a privacy act. Once we have that we ask for as much information as owners have. Therefore with this information and the owners ideas we complete a solution. Furthermore if clients don’t like the options chosen, they can ignore or ask for different ones.

As a result solutions are detailed to lenders and all parties are on the same page. Consultants advise lenders your goals. Hence lenders are on board with your business and needs. Consequently not only do we find the perfect facility, TDFC supports your decision for the life of the loan for free. Sometimes the first month there is a teething period. Standing by for any help or questions is TDFC.

Contact Trade Debtor Finance Consultants for a free Interview.

In conclusion please call our office 07 5547 8731 for more assistance with Factoring. Furthermore you can email our sales team – 

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