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Wasting time as a business owner is something you actually work to avoid doing. When you waste time things don’t get done.

Wasting time can look like sitting on Facebook for a few hours more then expected, doodling on your paperwork that needs to filed away, staring at your desktop screen or comparing lenders for finance.

You are wasting time if you are comparing lenders because that basically is what a TDFC consultant will do for you and at no cost to you. TDFC has a variety of lenders which offer their own individual products and services. Our consultants have experience and understanding of each one. What this means for you is that you will save time and have access to extra cash in hours. This is great news for businesses who are working day by day to a tight inflexible budget that could be changed if they had access to more money.

What happens if you call a consultant

TDFC receives award for great financial services provided

  • You have ideal lenders products and services fully explained
  • You have your needs and requirements listened to and respected
  • You are given the choices at no cost to you or your business
  • You only have to make the one call and your private information is kept safe and protected
  • You are informed of the process and the actions being taken
  • You have all the hard work taken out of searching and emailing
  • You are free to then use the time you would of wasted making many calls and work in your business
  • You also have your original problem of slow cash flow fixed with cash from your unpaid invoices in hours!

TDFC is here for you and your business and we want to partner wit you at keeping your business dream alive through all trials.

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