Single Invoice Funding made easy – Factoring

Single Invoice Funding made easy - Factoring

Single Invoice Funding made easy – Factoring

Invoice Funding made easy – Factoring

Single Invoice Funding made easy. Therefore offing some security you can ascertain finance fast. As long as you have some active debtors whom pay less than 90 days, you can finance those invoices as a one off transaction. Single Invoice financiers offer a wide range of flexibility.

No lock in contracts for 12 months. No break fees. Use it when you need it. Select invoices to finance. Flexibility in finance often comes at a price. So its important to know your profit margins and insure you can afford this product. Single Invoice Financing is suited to most businesses.

Invoice Funding made easy.

If you do have property you can take on much larger single debtor transactions. Single Invoice financiers like directors or business owners with a strong portfolio. Lenders will often consider the strength of the debtor when making those decisions to fund and invoice. Hence you can choose how much of the invoice you can ascertain. As always the more risk you give the lenders, often the pricing will differ.

If you have a lot of small debtors you have another option.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants have lenders that offer Line of Credit funding. This finance is very similar to a factoring facility. However business owners offer up their whole debtor ledger and set up a facility. Owners will be offered a set amount as a facility.  For example if you have $100 000 worth of invoices each month. Factoring lenders can set up a Line of Credit facility for around $50 000. This revolving finance suits a lot of small to medium businesses going through growth. This flexibility is most welcomed with new entrepreneurs. Flexibility of no written contracts also pleases new businesses.

Don’t Guess use Trade Debtor Finance Consultants to ascertain a perfect facility.

All factoring products are represented at TDFC. Consultants take the time to explain a range of products in detail to you. TDFC consult Debtor Finance, Cash flow Finance, Invoice Discounting, Factoring. When consulting these products, we discuss pricing, contracts, and the general workings of the facilities.

Most noteworthy is that we offer this at no direct cost to your firm. Quotes are completed in an obligation free written quote. Quotes will have to four options in most cases that suit your business needs.

In conclusion for more information about financiers and facilities contact TDFC today.  or send an email



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