Why Factoring, Debtor Finance, Invoice Discounting?

Why Factoring, Debtor Finance, Invoice Discounting?

Why Factoring, Debtor Finance, Or Invoice Discounting? Often business owners are very nervous about selling of their assets, and as a business owner myself, I don’t blame them.

Factoring, Debtor Finance, Invoice discounting, which product suits my business? Can I afford it? Do they harass my debtors? Will my debtors think I am going broke? What happens if someone doesn’t pay? Will they fund just one debtor? Do you think they need my property as security?

Why Factoring, Debtor Finance, Invoice Discounting?

Don’t Guess for free Investigate.

Why guess with this decision making when you have a firm who doesn’t have any direct up fronts and will offer you up to 4 options at a time to choose from, and will offer a life time support with the lender chosen, again at no direct cost to your firm. Factoring, Debtor Finance, Invoice Discounting offer business owners the chance to sell their invoices and get access to up to 90% of their value so they can grow their business. Once the debtor pays his account, the lender releases the final 10% less any fees incurred. It is a very simple product.

In the past Factoring, debtor finance, Invoice Discounting lenders have sold these products as a measure of last resort. These lending costs are a recipe for disaster as they too add to the bottom line, as the client often borrows in order to pay bad debt.

Factoring lenders are often full service products. They are more expensive as they offer more service. Smaller businesses often are drawn to these products.

Debtor Finance lenders offer a client a more complete product, as it acts as an overdraft on their debtor invoicing. This gives the clients some control of borrowings and the length of time it’s out for. Often more larger clients use these products. Invoice Discounting lenders are often bank products. Same principal, overdraft on invoices, but often much larger clients with larger turnovers attract the better rates.

Invoice Discounting is often confidential and clients have to have excellent back end systems in order to obtain.

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Trade Debtor Finance Consultants offers an obligation free quote with up to 4 lender to choose from. We also offer support for the life of the loan. Don’t get caught by brokers, who slug you upfront and disappear when it all goes bad. In conclusion for more information please email or go to our website. sales@tdfc.com.au or www.tradedebtorfinance.com.au