Frustrated by your current factoring facility?

Time is money why wait

Frustrated with your factoring partner

Frustrated with your Factoring Facility

Are you currently in a factoring facility, however its frustrating for both you and your firm. The thing is, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!

Often the wrong factoring facility causes stress. It stops you working on your business and gets you working back in it, trying to fix up issues.

Don’t despair, it can be fixed.

Maybe it wasn’t explained properly and the salesman that sold it to you, forgot to mention some key issues. Either way, you need to start going forward again. So what do you do?

Do you continue on struggling, being frustrated until your term runs out? Or you pay a break free and leave? That’s not why, you took up Invoice Funding.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants is willing to help.

Give us a call, we can offer you some advice, help your business understand why the lender is doing what they’re doing. Help your business try and sort out the issues. Maybe even move you to a more capable facility suited to your business.

Best of all we offer this for no cost to your firm. Trade Debtor Finance Consultants wants to help businesses in Factoring. We as a firm have been supported tremendously by the Australian Business, so we want to give some of our time back to help those in need.

Let our consultants go through the issues with you.

One call, privacy act signed, all remains confidential, and we will try and sort the issues. Often Bank products, don’t have the flexibility for most firms. Yes they are cheap, but often they don’t move with the business’s growth. Simple exposure issues, outside terms, etc. are enough to cause a facility to go wrong. Is this You?

If you’re an Australian business, that has a factoring product, and would like some help better understand that product, or help with trying to make it work better, then give our office a call. In conclusion we want to help your firm to get the best out of the product. For more information call or email us today.


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