Most flexible finance product in business – factoring finance

Most flexible finance product in business – factoring

New and growing businesses in most cases struggle with maintaining cash flow. Lack of cash flow enhances pressure constantly effects the purchases and distribution of clients products and services.

Unless owners are cash rich or have a large asset to finance, then banking products are very limited. Of course there are other lenders with short term lending which comes with a price tag. So what can you do.

What product do I qualify for?

  1. Do you have a commercial business?
  2. Do you have commercial debtors?
  3. Will you benefit from financing those outstanding Invoices?

Factoring Finance would be a straight forward product. Owners would provide outstanding completed invoices for funding. These invoices would be verified and most lenders would provide up to 80% funding to the business for much need finance. Once the debtor pays the full invoice amount to the lender, the final 20% less fees are forward to the owner.

Things you must consider is who many debtors do you have? How long does it take for your debtors to pay those invoices? Will you debtors be happy about a third party being involved in the payment process? Finally once you are on top of your situation, how will you use this facility to grow or better your firm?

Find out more about Factoring Lender and products?

In one simple call you speak to Trade Debtor Finance Consultants and they will explain the process for free. Consultants will take time to discuss the lenders and products. Ensure that your aware of all the processes of a finance product.

Lastly from the information you provide, will give you in writing, up to four of the best factoring finance lenders that suit your needs. Standing behind that quote will support your firm through the process when you proceed forward.

Trade Debtor Finance –

In one call can change it all.


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