Business owner – Need cashflow fast?

Can Factoring invoices fix my business?

Can Factoring invoices fix my business?

Business owner – Need cash flow fast?

Often the age old question ascertaining Cash flow, Business owner – Need cash flow fast?

Most business owners are caught in a merry go round with Cash flow. Each month debtors take time to pay. Stock orders and purchasing are often waiting to the payments roll on in. Fast purchase, or bulk discounted purchasing is often missed due to the lack of funds.

Consequently other businesses have the constant call from creditors chasing their outstanding’s. Having to state that, you get paid when I get paid, is the common theme.

Stress, frustration, and a lack of control with no cash flow?

So common in this economical world is the lack of cash flow in business. Most business owners face a month to month scenario, chasing their invoices to be paid. The constant pressure and stress to be able to pay your own bills.

Although we would like invoices to paid faster so this doesn’t happen, often its not possible. Owners are forced to take discounts or deductions form their invoices in order to paid faster. This is big business bulling small businesses.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants has seen up to 10% off invoices in order to be paid in 30 days.

This has to be a joke. However as these business often take anywhere up to 90 days to pay their accounts the owners are forced to concede. Owners have credit applications in place. As well as placing terms within their invoices. Also knowing that these larger businesses just don’t care. Let them find other jobs if they want, was stated.

We at Trade Debtor Finance Consultants will try and help you find a Factoring solution.

Our expert family owned and operated business has many years experience in Debtor finance and factoring. Ascertaining payment within 48 hours for completed, unpaid invoices could ease your dilemmas.

Making an inquiry will give you piece of mind whether this finance facility will suit your needs. Factoring is not for every business and Trade Debtor Finance Consultants explain thoroughly how it can be a benefit and a hindrance as well.

Owners have to be mindful of margins, contracts, and their business cycles when trying to ascertain a factoring facility. Therefore when being interviewed by our consultants, upfront and honest is the key. Explaining tax arrears, or credit misdemeanors is very important. Its not the end of a finance product. Factoring products rely heavily on your main asset to them, Invoices.

This is how Trade Debtor Finance Consultants can help you!

Place and inquiry into our office. A Trade Debtor Finance Consultant will contact you and discuss some details about factoring. Consequently our office will ascertain information about your business. For this information will detail a obligation free written quote with up to four options. Lenders will be introduced with a brief description of your firm. As a owner you can focus on the main issues at hand costing and contracts.

For more information you can contact our office or  please go to our website